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Male Shepherd/Mal Mix

Franklin was found as a stray by a couple near the Starbucks in Danville. They took him home and quickly got to know what having a high drive dog was like, and they immediately knew they did not have the time to dedicate to his needs. The couple called us for help, and we took him in to train him on a strong hunch that he was a good natured boy...and we were right! He soared through training and graduated with flying colors. He knows basic obedience, has some protection training, and enjoys being around polite and playful female dogs. He is intact, so he should not be around other males, intact or not. He will do well with an owner or family who is active and wants to give him the structure he requires as a working breed. 

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Male Shepherd Mix

We are in the process of training and learning more about this 8 month old boy who just recently came to us. Check back for more details soon, or feel free to reach out to us for more info! 

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