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Lives Changed through Balanced Training

Board & Train Success Stories

No matter the challenges you're facing - be it reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, or simply pulling on the leash while walking - working with us can help you overcome these issues and forge a strong, trusting bond with your dog. Our experienced trainers understand that each dog is unique, and we tailor our approach to address your specific concerns.

With balanced training, we combine the power of positive reinforcement and fair corrections to guide your dog towards better behavior and emotional stability. Even for the most severe cases, there is hope!

An off leash dog running in the grass

Buzz's Story

Buzz's owners signed up for the board and train program hoping to address his reactivity to other dogs and people. So we got to work! By sharpening his obedience and teaching him new ways to navigate social situations, he went from distrustful and anxious to a dog who can hike off leash and relax in new situations. He is affectionately called "Buzz Boi" at home and his owners are dedicated to his training plan, continuing to keep up on his obedience and practicing good manners in public. We are very proud of Buzz and his owners.

Words from Buzz's Owners

"The board and train was more successful than I could have imagined! I had already taken my dog to a 'bootcamp' and he had some basics down, but I could not get a hold of some of his behaviors. After working with Brad and his staff, Buzz boy came back so well behaved...and happy! Less anxious and able to listen more, we have a lot more fun together! I learnt a lot of what I need to do on my end as well. Brad is also, even post board and train, very responsive to questions and would help if ever needed to work on something." 

-Alyssa S./ Walnut Creek

A tan colored American Bully looking into the camera

Tally's Tale

Tally came to us with severe dog reactivity. After months of trying to train her using R+(positive reinforcement methods) to no avail, her owner feared the worst--that she could never go anywhere with her dog and be able to actually relax. After a few weeks in our program and a thorough education in social manners, Tally learned that she did not have to react toward other dogs to keep herself safe. Now, Tally is calm and predictable around new dogs, enjoys going on off leash hikes with her owner and knows advanced obedience, she even competes in dog sports! 

Words from Tally's Owner

"Tally was absolutely uncontrollable. Walks were a nightmare and I was so hopeless and exhausted from trying to train her myself. If she saw a dog approaching, she would completely lose her cool and bark incessantly. It was scary and unsafe, and so stressful! Thanks to Brad, her reactivity is no longer and I have the dog I always wanted." 

-Jiana B./ San Ramon

A german shepherd running through a field of flowers

Stevie's Story

Stevie just needed a little bit of education to calm her nerves. She behaved well in the house but was overstimulated by the busy world outside. With a few lessons and a board and train, Stevie was able to exist in chaotic situations without reacting in a nervous manner. She continues to build confidence with her owners and loves being with her family, exploring trails, and performing obedience--like any GSD does!  

Words from Stevie's Owner

"I am a registered veterinary technician and rescued a GSD with minimal socialization and boundaries. I knew if I wanted her to integrate into our family lifestyle I would need some help and am so so thrilled to have found Brad! Right from the start he was calm and clear about what we needed to do to get our dog back on track. We opted for the board and train package which was very fairly priced and the best investment we could make for our new family member! I loved getting updates and videos while our dog was staying with him! He and his staff took excellent care of her and made her health top priority. When he was finished he delivered her to our home and offered as much of his time as it took to make sure my husband and I knew how to communicate with our dog in a way she understands. Love love love K-9 Services and will be recommending Brad to all my clients!"

-Lauren A./ Walnut Creek

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