How long is board and train?

The average time for board and train is between 4-7 weeks. This is for what we call a "finished dog." In other words, your dog will be able to follow all basic commands, on top of any other specifc behaviors you specify with our training team.

Where does my dog stay?

Your pet stays in our training facility and is only taken outside for training and potty. Beds are provided.

Can I visit my pet while he or she is at board and train?

Visitation is discouraged, but limited to 2 visits. We always send plenty of videos to dog parents so you will be updated regularly on your pet's progress.

What does my dog do all day?

Our schedule for board and trains goes like this: 7am: Breakfast and potty 10am-7pm: Training 7pm-10pm: Dinner/Potty 10pm-7am: Lights out

What if my dog gets sick?

You will be notified immediately and we will take your dog to a 24 hour vet. From there, it will be your decision for next steps.

How will the training transfer?

Training is repetition. 7x/week. When your pet is returned to you, simple handling instructions will be given to you. In addition, we offer one on one follow up visits at no additional charge to guarantee you the knowledge and skill to communicate with your pet

How is my dog socialized? Will my pet socialize with other dogs?

We only let your pet interact with our(the trainers') personal dogs. We will never leave your dog unsupervised with any other dogs.

Can you customize commands?

Of course! All you have to do is specify the words you'd like to use when giving your dog commands. If you do not, we will use the following commands: Sit Down Stay Recall(Come) Place Your dog will also learn social manners with strangers and strange dogs, as well as any lifestyle commands you ask us to implement.

Board and Train FAQ's