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Training Your Pet to be a Calm, Obedient Companion.

For 30 years, we have helped you understand your dog, learn exactly how to lead them through the world, and reach your training goals. We offer a variety of training services, all centered around helping you strengthen your bond with your dog. All breeds welcome. 


Let's Bring out the Best in Your Pet

We train to the highest standards without compromising the primal needs and unique drives of your dog. We are experts in dog training and canine behavior, and when you train with us you are guaranteed to understand your pet better--so they can be calm, happy, obedient companions. We offer a variety of services to choose from depending on your goals with your dog.  

German Shepherd running toward camera

Your pet stays at our facility for 6-8 weeks and comes back completely trained in basic obedience and social manners. When your dog returns to you they will know sit, down, place, come when called and walk next to you on a loose leash. The dog will also obey you in public settings. To ensure the training sticks, you get 1 free follow up session for each week your dog is in training. Board and train is great for all dogs, but especially those with reactivity, aggression, and anxiety. 

Tan Pitbull

1:1 lessons are a great option if your dog has just one or two behaviors you would like to work on such as excessive barking, counter surfing, pulling on walks, and/or jumping on guests. We can typically work on 2 behaviors per lesson and you will be practicing with your dog in between lessons.  If your dog has more severe reactivity or aggression, please consider a board and train so your dog can be in the hands of an expert while training. 

Rottweiler standing in grass

Short term or long term boarding is available to book online. Your dog will be in the hands of our experienced kennel staff during their stay. Our kennel staff takes care of feeding, potty breaks, administering medication, and exercising each dog. Each dog stays in a kennel for their safety and only interacts with the staff. If your dog has trained with us before, you may request tune up training in advance of their stay.

Owner of K9 Services in kneeling position holding Rottweiler's leash
Sabrina and black german shepherd

"I don't think there is a better trainer in the Bay Area...I can't thank this guy enough. He's worth every penny."

-Kelsey C.

Rottweiler and Chihuahua

Start your training journey today.

What Separates Us From the Rest

Unmatched Client Care

You can count on us to be honest, compassionate, and clear. We will always give you an expert opinion and set proper expectations when it comes to your dog. 

Free Follow Up

Our Board and Train program is a lifetime training package. We provide free follow up sessions to guarantee that the training sticks as well as address any new behaviors.

Top Trainers

We hire the best of the best trainers who build a trusting relationship with each dog, enabling them to change the dog's mind about the world. 

Our Training and Boarding Facility

Our facility includes air conditioned rooms with crates and stand-up kennels that accommodate dogs of all sizes. Both indoor and outdoor areas are sanitized daily. Additional features include: 

Air conditioning | Treadmills | Enclosed Outdoor Play Area | 5 Outdoor Potty Kennels 

Lobby and Indoor Training Area with Treadmills
Outdoor Training Space
Potty Yard
Puppy and Small Dog Room
Large Dog Stand Up Kennels
Ruffland Crates for Added Safety

Would you like to learn more?

We get it, you want to ensure your pet is getting the best training around. Let us point you in the right direction if you are looking for more information on how we work. 

Brad, owner of K9 Services and Rottweiler

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