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Free Dog Training Sessions

Here for a limited time only!


Why Are We Giving Away Free Dog Training?

We want to start sharing our training methods with more dog owners, and we need dogs and owners who are comfortable with us taking footage of an entire training session with the intent to use it for instructional purposes. If you need help with your dog and are also comfortable being on camera, this giveaway is for you!

We are especially interested in working with you if your dog is...

  • Dog Reactive

  • Dog Aggressive  

  • Leash Reactive

  • Pulls on Leash 

  • Bites/Mouths 

  • Counter surfs

  • Digs in yard

  • Bolts 

  • Destroys furniture

  • Nuisance barks

  • General Disobedience 

  • Socially Inappropriate

  • Not crate trained

  • Not potty trained

  • Anxious

  • Fearful

  • Overexcited

  • Overly Protective

  • Unreliable in public

  • Unreliable off-leash


Tell Us About Your Dog in Order to Enter to Win Your Free Appointment!

The more detail you can offer, the better. We will select approximately 10 dogs and we will email you to invite you to schedule your free session. 

Check the boxes that apply to your dog
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