The K-9 Team


Owner, Head Trainer

My name is Brad Wilhelm, owner of Wilhelm K-9 Services. I love dogs and have dedicated my life to learning how to give them the best life possible through a balance of exercise, discipline, and affection. Training is the best investment you can make in your relationship with your dog. What sets me apart from other trainers is the focus I place on meeting the physical and psychological needs of your dog. When these needs are fulfilled you will realize a level of calm, purpose, and respect from your pet that you may have never imagined. 



Sabrina has trained dogs for over a decade. She was raised in a household with working police canines. At the age of 12 she helped her first client; an adult male Rottweiler with resource guarding and aggression issues. In 2015, she was offered a job as a dog trainer using the positive reinforcement method. She trained many dogs using this method but could not achieve the results she wanted without using other means to train. In 2016 she was offered a position as a trainer working for Wilhelm K9 Services. She was finally able to help the clients she was forced to turn away previously, and over a course of a few years helped hundreds of dogs overcome fear, aggression, and numerous behavioral issues. 



Jill, originally from Texas, Ventured to California to attend the world famous Michael Ellis school for Dog Trainers. During her time at the school she met Brad Wilhelm, owner of Wilhelm K9 Services, at a seminar. After graduation she began working for a dog walking business in San Francisco before being recruited by Brad and his team. She has been with us for over a year now and trained dozens of dogs in the East Bay under K9 Services. 


Care Tech/Decoy

Miguel got his start in the United States Marine Corp. After his discharge he began working for a dog daycare, and moved to a boarding facility before settling in at Wilhelm K9 Services as a kennel tech, aspiring dog trainer and police dog decoy. Miguel and his dog “Chavy” have been part of the team for over two years. 



Victoria has several years of quality education and experience working as a balanced trainer in the Bay Area. While she is the freshest face on the K-9 Services team, she is also the team member who can offer in-home lessons, classes, as well as working full time in our board and train program. Her dedication to pets and work ethic is unmatched. 

Jordan C.

Hello! My name is Jordan. I have a service lab named Mowgli and a personal protection malinois names Kronos—both of which I trained myself. Ever since I was little, my nickname has been “Boo”, but I’ve always had such a connection to animals that my parents started calling me “Dr. Boo Little”; since then, I have always dreamed of working with animals. I’ve been in the industry for six years working as a veterinary technician, dog nutritionist, and dog trainer. My goal as your trainer is to form a line of communication between you and your dog that will better your relationship.

What's it Like to Work With Us?


Nick C. 

Brad did an amazing job training my dog (1 year old German Shepherd) ...and me. He loves dogs and it shows from the first moment. We went with his board & train program. Brad sent me videos and pictures each day to show me the progress my dog was making. I felt very comfortable leaving my dog in Brad's care. Thank you Brad! I can now take my dog anywhere and know that he will be well behaved and follow my instructions.

Craig B.

With the great instruction from Brad and Suki, they have been able to make my Weimeraner Louis a perfect gentleman when on or off the lead. We really appreciated his attitude and training methods and would highly recommend his services. Thank you Brad! 

Crissy B.

Brad helped train our Coonhound Tripp and us tremendously! Tripp needed to be desensitized to loud noises, cars, and especially bikes. It only took two sessions!!  He also helped us with when people came into our house how to keep all 3 dogs under control which was becoming quite chaotic! He had us all happy; under control in under an hour!